What to do in Tucson? Each to do attraction on this site is a favorite fun spot. You can find fun things to do around every corner from the desert to the mountaintop, whether morning, noon or night. Tucson is home to landscapes, nightlife & family fun. Whether you’re looking for big attractions in Tucson, or something funky, and a bit off the beaten track, we're here to help!
Carnival of Illusion


Laugh, have fun and celebrate with an evening of worldly magical delights! CARNIVAL OF ILLUSION presents national quality magic in an old-world setting, bringing you mystery and OOOH La La! You will be absolutely delighted with Roland and Susan as they perform a blend of magic, theatre and comedic interplay between themselves and the audience. Whether you leave with a treat for helping them awe and amaze everyone, or just wonderful memories of sharing a special time with family and friends, you'll have seen something unique, upfront and personal in the world of magic. What to do if you want to impress your date? Book front row seats and sit just a few feet away from all the fun

Sullivan's Eatery and Creamery


Who doesn't like ice cream? Especially in Tucson when it gets to be 105 degrees in the shade. At Sullivan's you will find delicious creamy 16% butterfat premium ice cream. Add to that the option of ordering sorbet, sherbert, sugar free ice-cream or low-fat and no-fat flavors. Truly something for everyone. Tired of the same old cone or dish? A whole menu of sundae options exists to excite you. Did I mention frozen yogurt? So forget those places that have only one kind of frozen treat, and bring the crowd to Sullivan's. Wait! You mean there's burgers, sandwiches, soups and salads too? You certainly won't leave hungry. What to do if you want to save a few bucks? Go to their website and print out one of their coupons or check out their daily specials.

Arizona Theater Company


With performances in Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona Theater Company has been providing audiences with professional theater for over 40 years. Each season they present a variety of works from musicals to new plays, all produced in Arizona. Shows in Tucson are at the historic Temple of Music and Art and in downtown Phoenix at the intimate Herberger Theater Center. ATC hosts some of the most well-respected and talented professionals in the business. They are also renowned for their technical elements such as sets, props and costumes. What to do when considering seeing a show at ATC? Check out season ticket prices, if you really love good theater.

The Boneyard


Officially called the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center (AMARG), this unique Tucson feature is also lovingly known as the “Bone Yard”. With over 4,000 aircraft, Tucson's bone yard is the largest aircraft and missile storage and restoration yard in the world. Established in 1946, it is now a 2,600 acre facility. Tucson's location and weather make it perfect for keeping corrosion and rust to a minimum. Access to the site is limited, but a bus tour is available from Monday to Friday through the Pima Air and Space Museum. What to do if you don't have time for the bus tour? Take a drive past the bone yard heading south on Kolb towards I10, for an outsider's peek at this oversized world of almost forgotten planes.

The Children's Museum


If you are looking for something to do with your kids that is both fun and educational, look no further. With tons of hands on activities and interactive exhibits, the kids will be able to actively explore science, technology, music, health, today's energy sources, and so much more. Just some of the 12 permanent exhibits include: Build It, Enchanted Rain Forest, Pet Vet, Bodyology and the Ocean Discovery Center. If you are not careful, you might just learn something new along with your kids. Contact the museum if you are interested in other programs like field trips or summer camps. What to do when you want to make your child's birthday something special? Book your party at the Children's Museum for a fun time to be had by all.

Center for Creative Photography


This amazing repository of modern North American photography is free and open to the public. Although it is a research institution, it is not just for scholars and students, as anyone can spend time at the center enjoying the exhibitions and lectures. The archive collections are comprised of over 4.5 million items and growing. Also present are over 90,000 fine art photographs, a collection considered to be one of the best in the world. What to do if you are a total photography geek...check out the oral histories, and audio video collection, some of which includes lectures and interviews with noted photographers..

Villge Bakehouse


The Village Bakehouse is a friendly and cozy place to stop for a cup of coffee and something amazing to eat, and features a full breakfast and lunch menu. Dine either outside or inside for those hot summer days. The large assortment of cookies, cakes, bread and pastries provide the perfect way to top of your meal! Grab some freshed baked bread or something sweet to take home at this favorite Tucson spot. What to do tip...dine outside and plan to stay awhile. You'll find this old-fashioned bakery is more about relaxing with great food and less about rushing through your day.

The Bloc


Almost every kid wants to climb a tree at some point...but at the bloc kids can climb with supervision and safety! The perfect place for “big kids” to climb as well. With classes and summer camps for kids and 20,000 square feet of climbing and fitness facilities, there is plenty of opportunity to get fit and have fun too. Book birthday parties or join their climbing team for that feeling of group support and encouragement. What to do if you can't make it to the Bloc? Just book their portable climbing wall complete with delivery and professional staff to take care of everything.

Philabaum Glass


Peek into the world of glass blowing...literally. This wonderful gallery with works by Philabaum and many other well-known glass artists today, also houses a workshop on-site. More than 30 years of experience has gone into creating this incredible downtown gallery and studio. Tom Philabaum spearheads the studio work to create amazing glass art in a variety of techniques, including kiln casting, fusing, slumping and dalle de verre. His wife Dabney runs the gallery where they exclusively show glass, and where riotous color and exotic shape are found in good measure. What to do that will mesmerize you? Be sure to watch the skilled glass artists at work from your safe vantage point within the gallery.

The Loft Cinemas


The Loft Cinema is a very different kind of movie theater and definitely not one of those chains that just show the Hollywood hits. The Loft specializes in local, independent and foreign films. On the first Friday of every month, they even host a movie shorts contest where you can bring in one of your very own short films. Imagine seeing your short movie on the largest screen in Southern Arizona. What to do if you get hungry and thirsty? It's really a blast to be able to go to a movie theater and grab a slice of pizza and beer. Since it's the Loft, your beer will be independent micro beers. Cheers!

DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun


This was the property and home of artist Ted DeGrazia. Built in early 1950s, this 10-acre site is now being preserved by the DeGrazia Foundation. Visits to the gallery are free. The artwork of Ted Degrazia is permanently on display, including some of his 15,000 original works in oil and watercolor, as well as scketches, serigraphs, lithographs, sculpture, ceramics and jewelry. Also of interest are the buildings themselves, designed and built by DeGrazia, giving you insights into the artist's life. One of the most popular buildings is the Mission in the Sun, a wonderful old adobe mission dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe. What to do while wandering the rooms in the main gallery...find your way outside to the courtyard, where a delightful desert garden awaits you.

Mt Lemmon Ski Valley


Take a 30 minute ride out of Tucson up the windy road to the top of Mt. Lemmon and find yourself much cooler and much greener, as if you've just been beamed up to another planet. Mt. Lemmon Ski Valley is a pleasant area to visit summer or winter. This isn't world-class skiing, but snow in the desert can be a welcome change, and a fun day out for all ages. If on the other hand you are stuck in the summer heat, locals know that a trip up Mt. Lemmon will cool you down, and refresh the body and spirit. Riding the approximately 1 mile long ski lift will grant you some great views of the mountain, wildlife, and far-off vistas. The nearby small town of Summerhaven offers some memorable treats for dining and maybe a little souvenier shopping.

Sentinal Peak or A Mountain


A trip to A mountain, otherwise known as Sentinal Peak, will reward you with a great view of downtown Tucson and beyond. Named for the “A”, wich was painted on the mountain in 1915 due to a college sports victory, the A can be seen from many parts of town. For those that are a bit lazy you can drive to the overlook, which has a rewarding view, and if you are not lazy, from there you can take the short trail to the summit for an extended view. One of the benefits of this adventure is that it is easily accessible and very close to downtown, so it won't take hours to get there. If you don't like heights and/or driving narrow mountain roads...albeit safe ones...then just be forewarned to take a undaunted & courageous driver with you.