What to do in Arizona? Each to do spot on this site has been hand picked as a favorite. You can find fun things to do around every corner from the desert to the mountaintop, to the nightspot to the ancient. Arizona is home to landscapes and nightlife. Whether you’re looking for big attractions in Phoenix, cool things to do in Scottsdale, or funky things to do in Tucson, we're here to help!

Laugh, have fun and celebrate with an evening of worldly magical delights! CARNIVAL OF ILLUSION presents national quality magic in an old-world setting, bringing you mystery and OOOH LA LA! You will be absolutely delighted with Roland and Susan as they perform a blend of magic, theater and comedic interplay between themselves and you. Whether you leave with a treat for helping them awe and amaze everyone, or bring home wonderful memories of sharing a special time with family and friends, you'll have seen something unique, upfront and personal in this charming world of magic. What to do if you want to impress your date? Book front row seats and sit just a few feet away from all the fun. Check out CARNIVAL OF ILLUSION, the best show in Arizona!

Japanese Friendship Garden


If serene and beautiful is appealing to you, then a visit to this 3 1/2 acre garden should be on your what to do list. Complete with tea garden, tea house and traditional koi pond, you will find this a tranquil and artistic space. Designed with the help of over 50 architects from Himeji Japan, there is something pleasing to the eye and the heart everywhere you look. The Japanese name for the garden, Ro Ho En, is a combination of three words meaning, heron, phoenix and garden. The heron is the symbol bird for the garden's sister city, Himeji. A must when deciding what to do at the gardens...pay a visit to the Japanese Tea House, imagining the whole time that you are in an exotic far away land.

Skyzone Trampoline Park


Do you have children that have so much energy they bounce off the walls? Well here is a place where they literally can! Put together a sea of trampolines, some angled against the walls and you have the ingredients for a whole lot of jumping, bouncing, high energy movement and fun. This place will definitely tire those little tikes out. Open to all ages, shapes and sizes, you'll find open jump courts as well as a dodgeball court and skyrobics fitness classes. You'll be asked to sign a waiver and rent special jumping shoes, then you can head to the jump courts. What to do if you are trying to get in shape? According to a Nasa study, jumping on a trampoline for 10 minutes is equivalent to a 30-minute run!

Le Grande Orange


Local, fun and healthy, this organic coffee house and breakfast bar is a lovely way to start your day. Also onsite are a cafe, pizzeria and retail grocery shop, with some really interesting finds. Come here for simple, clean food where the chefs pride themselves on dishes with no hidden ingredients. With the words “food is love” emblazoned across the cafe archway, you will discover why this place is so popular with the locals. It's a great place to just hang out and share a fresh baked scone while having your morning coffee. What to do when visiting La Grande Orange...make sure you have plenty of time to spend out under the trees, relaxing with the locals.

Mesa Arts Center


This international and award-winning arts center is the largest of its type in Arizona, with 4 theatres, 5 art galleries, and 14 art studios. It combines stunning architecture with world-class perfomances and exciting art exhibits. Here you will also find classes in the arts including such subjects as ceramics, jewelry making, dance, drama, photography and printmaking...just to name a few! Whether you are looking to experience art as an observer or as a participant, there truly is a wealth of opportunity and options at the Mesa Arts Center. Visit a nearby restaurant in the Eats + Arts program and receive a discount on your meal after a visit to the center. Visit their website to get a feel for all that is on offer at the Mesa Arts Center.

Tempe Center for the Arts


This Arizona venue is located within the 17-acre lakeside art park, at the southwest end of the Tempe Town Lake. It houses two theatres and a 3,500 square foot gallery. Many local and visiting artists perform here, including the Tempe Symphony Orchestra and the Tempe Community Chorus. With plenty of free parking, this state-of-the-art center is an easy and fun venue to visit for a variety of entertainment. You will want to see their full event calendar, so as not to miss any of their upcoming events, including music, theater, comedy and art.

Arizona Science Center


Inquisitive minds always want to know, and the best place to find the answers is at the Arizona Science Center. There are exhibits galore and lessons to be learned, including an IMAX Theater and a planetarium. Make sure you put the Arizona Science Center on your list of the best science things to do in Phoenix. What to do tip...if you get hungry while experiencing the science center, stop by their restaurant as the food is great too!

Mystery Castle


Built in the 1930's, this “castle” was a loving homage from a father to his daughter. Learning he had tuberculosis, Boyce Luther Gulley moved from Seattle to Phoenix and began secretly building this sprawling 18 room, 3-story castle. His family had no idea where he had gone or why. When Gulley died in 1945, his daughter (Mary Lou) and wife were informed that they had inherited this striking home. The castle is built from found and inexpensive objects and materials, and even features a dungeon. It has been open for tours since 1948, and continues to give tours between October and June. What to do when visiting the castle...ask about the trap-door that was forbidden to be opened until January 1st, 1948, and find out what was inside.

Desert Botanical Gardens


This wonderful garden has approximately 50 acres under cultivation, and features desert plants from around the world. There is always something blooming in the garden, but even better, there are plenty of exhibits and performances to attend as well. Art, music, dance...there is always something new at the gardens to see, and what better environment to see it in. Are you a struggling desert gardener? The staff is always happy to help you with your landscaping questions, or maybe you might be interested in one of their many classes or trips for adults and children. What to do if you just can't get enough of those desert landscapes? Inquire while you are there about joining one of their field trips.

Musical Insturment Museum


Imagine being introduced to the music of over 200 countries in just one afternoon of exploration, at one of the most unique museums in the world. This extraordinary museum showcases musical instruments from around the world, and through the experience of well crafted displays, wireless hot spots, and muliple videos, you become immersed in each culture through their music. Other exibits showcase artists and musical styles in relation to their instruments. Or try an exotic instrument for yourself in their experience gallery, whether it be gamelan or harp. What to do to put the icing on the cake? Stay for one of the many concerts at their world class amphitheatre.

Wet 'n' Wild


Big slides, little slides and everything in-between. If you are in need of a good dunking and plan to get wet, this is a great place to do it. Bring the whole family and play all day. Guaranteed to be a big hit with the kids and those who just want to escape the heat. This is a huge water park with tons of food options, locker rentals, tube rentals and VIP cabana rentals too. Plan to spend the whole day, as the ticket prices will leave you wanting to get your monies worth. A great way to save some money is to check out their season passes, and since they are open March through October, you will have tons of opportunity to use it. So put on that bikini or don that pair of swim trunks and head over to Wet 'n' Wild for a splashing good time.

That's Amore Gelato


When it's just too hot to think of anything else but something cold, then head over to That's Amore for an amazing selection of gelato. This authentic italian iced dessert is heavenly on a hot day. That's Amore is owned and operated by Cristina and Paola from Milano, where they learned all the best kept secrets of making a great gelato while working in a large gelateria. With flavors like chocolate chili pepper and whisky cream, you will soon be in gelato heaven. Or have a coffee, sandwich, or pastry instead. What to do if you can't just pick one flavor? Get up to 3 flavors when you order a medium sized gelato and live it up.

McDowell Preserve


This nature preserve is one of the largest urban preserves in the nation and has over 60 miles of shared trails for hikers, bikers, and horseback riders. There is over 21,000 acres of desert to explore, with that number continuing to grow as the preserve continues to acquire more land. You can take it easy and go for a leisurely stroll, or you can go for a serious hike. Start out small and continue to challenge yourself each time you return. Dogs are allowed as long as they are on a leash. Learn something new by taking the Marcus Landslide Trailhead with its interpretive signs that provide geological details. What to do if you want even more information about the area? You can take a guided hike or listen to a nature talk with the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy.

Heard Museum


The Heard Museum, which was founded in 1929 by Dwight and Maie Bartlett Heard, is dedicated to the sensitive and accurate portrayal of Native arts and cultures. As well as world-class exhibits, the Heard is also known for its festivals, events, lectures and hands on interactive learning opportunities. Their collaborations with Native people help to provide a unique perspective into that world, through art and culture. With a wide range of historical artifacts to contemporary pieces, the ongoing and dynamic voice of the American Indian voice is seen and heard.

The Film Bar


What's better than watching a movie at home while having a beer on the couch? Watching a movie, having a beer and hanging with your gang at this Phoenix hotspot, the Film Bar. Don't expect your Hollywood blockbusters in the 70 seat theater. What you will find are lots of arthouse flicks and fun, local and international picks. There is a film on offer almost every night of the week. At the bar you'll find a great selection of craft beers and wine. Not in the mood for a film, or maybe you've seen that cult film one too many times. No problem, just pop in for a drink and some socializing.

The Deuce


Touted as one of the wackiest restaurants in America, this part restaurant, part soda bar, part boxing ring, part vintage clothing store has a little bit of well....everything! The key to this popular hang-out is that there is really nothing modern here. Good ol' fattening 1960's style food pairs with a 1915 soda fountain. The key here being the food is fresh, local and organic. Also onboard is the original Black Orchid Jazz Club bar from Chicago, which you can visit after a few rounds of boxing or old-style gym excersice at the South Central Gym. There's so much going on at the Duce, that you will just have to check it out to get a feel for the fun, zany time you will have hanging out at the Duce.

Taliesin West


For Frank Lloyd Wright fans, this is a must see. This was his winter home and school from 1937 until his death in 1959. Currently it houses the Frank Lloyd Wright school of Architechture and the Frank Lloyd Wright foundation. Designed with the desert in mind, he used local materials such as rocks found nearby. Another feature focuses on natural light, as he believed it aided the work environment. Guided tours are available, describing all the details of this thoughtfully designed & historically pertinent property. Also available are classes and summer camps for children and adults, as well as rental opportunities.

Phoenix Public Market


This Saturday morning market located at Central and McKinley is a great place to buy local and stock up on farm fresh produce and foodstuffs. Loads of vendors assure that you will find something tempting to take home...maybe some grass fed beef, artisan bread or doggy treats for your canine friend. Amongst the many food vendors, you will also find arts and crafts and household and skincare products. Focussing on community and neighborhoods, you are bound to bump into someone you know, have a chat and with someone you don't know and simply enjoy a leisurely morning. The market opens at 8am and goes until noon in the summer and 1pm in the winter.

Taliesin West


Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my! Well there are those and more at the Phoenix Zoo, including some wonderful desert animals like the coyote and mountain lion. The Phoenix Zoo is one of the nation's largest non-profit zoos. It commits itself to conservation and to teaching about the plight of endangered species. And after you have viewed the more than 1,400 animals (OK maybe you won't see them all), then you can visit the zoo's 4-D theater where you can experience a full sensory thrill. With lots of hands-on camps and special programs for both children and adults, you can have a deeper experience of the animals and zoo life. Also at the zoo, a walk-through monkey exhibit, a goat petting zoo and a chance to ride a camel!

Phoenix Public Library


Have you ever looked at the calendar of classes, events and special offerings at the Phoenix Plublic LIbrary? There is much more to the library besides books! Of course there is the age-old story time for children, but you will also find classes, music and movies, art exhibits, college prep, and special holiday events. There are tips and tricks for job hunters, yoga classes for those needing physical activity and free meals for children 18 and younger, provided by St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance. The library is busy building and supporting the community in ways that reach beyond the traditional lending of reading material.